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Floating ball level meter
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A, product introduction:

    UQZ type floating ball level meter is mainly composed of a floating ball, sensor, the transmitter is composed of three parts, the working principle of float ball liquid level indicator with 304, PVC, PTFE and other plastic polymer material as connecting wire box and a fixing part; for highly corrosive media, the surface of the polytetrafluoroethylene tubes, the floating ball in contact with the medium metal protection, to ensure that the liquid level meter is not corrosion. According to user requirements preset magnetic sensor, the float with the liquid level on the movement to change the default state magnetic sensor sends the on-off signal, to monitor the level of. The dry reed pipe corresponding position of the magnetic pull sensor when the float with the liquid level change along the duct, floating up and down, when the floating ball inside, so that the total resistance of the sensor (or voltage) is changed, then by the transmitter resistance changes after (or voltage) signal into a current signal output 4-20mA, and through the digital display of remote measurement of liquid level controller or DSB bargraph display device, and can display settings, alarm, realization of liquid level position type digital remote control, can also be made by other regulator level constant value control the total computer control system, realization of liquid level of continuous PID remote control. At the same time, the underground storage tank or groove in the transmitter is equipped with 1.5 meter head, increased local indication of the measured liquid level.

Two, the basic parameters

1, the measurement range: L ≤ 6000mm

2, the temperature of the medium: ≤ 120. C

3, the medium weight: ≥ 0.8 (float φ 75); <0.8 (floating ball φ 95)

4, the flange standards: DN80, DN100 HG20593-97 (FM)

5, pressure rating: 0.6 - 2.5MPa

6, the output signal: 4 - 20mA.DC

7, the power supply: 24V.DC ± 5%

8, the measurement accuracy: L=500-1000mm, ≤ ± 1.5%FS, >1000mm, ≤ ± 1.0%FS

9, the load resistance: 0-750.

10, explosion-proof mark: IB II CT5

Three, schematic diagram of note: