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    Company is located in China's "rise of central China" in Hubei Province, in the nine provinces of Wuhan City, golden line, Wuhan City, is a high-tech enterprises, is the former Soviet Union in 1958 during the "two five plan" one of China's key projects built new original Hubei Chemical Machinery General Plant Parts changed and to, the original Hubei chemical machinery factory is attached to the State Ministry of oil, the Ministry of chemical industry key enterprises, is the strategic production base mainly equipment of national petrochemical; plant in Qingshan Baiyu mountain, with standard plant 30000 square meters, has a modern large-scale production equipment: large hoist, CNC plate cutting machine, CNC pipe cutting machine, automatic welding machine; large bending machine, bending machine, beveling machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine and other modern equipment; with NC ray flaw detection, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing of high, fine, sharp detection equipment. Production and operation of the company, the main areas for petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, steel, electric power and other industries, particularly in the oil and gas recovery technology, ship bulk material conveying, marine mud conveying system in areas such as design and manufacture, has become an independent school. At the same time, the company after years of development, has made the international leading level of oil and gas recovery technology, ship bulk material conveying, marine mud conveying system, CNC biological filter tank series of national invention and utility model patents, the new road opened a branch for the management of social energy conservation and emission reduction in the view of scientific development.  

   Through years of construction and development, our company has become a professional energy-saving, environmental-friendly and low-carbon enterprise with a certain scale in this industry. Wuhan Zhongheng has approved by ISO and HSE and was qualified to be a member of China Ship Industry Association. Our company is qualified to do the international import and export trade. Wuhan Zhongheng is qualified to design & manufacture the pressure containers of Category І, Ⅱand Ш, to install the pressure piping of Grade GC2 and GB2, to manufacture the gasoline vapor recovery device, to contract the project for installing the equipment and piping systems of petrochemical industry, to contract the project for installing the machinery and electrical equipment. The scope of businesses covers the design and manufacture of oil depot, oil storage tank, stainless steel oil tank, arch roof tank, float roof tank, inner float roof tank, large oil tank, API650 oil tank, overseas oil tank, underground oil tank, oil tank of gas station, oil tank of power station, exported oil tank; water tank of power station, water tank of power plant, water tank of boiler, water storage tank, demineralized water tank, soft water tank, the original water tank, stainless steel water tank and so on; marine cement tank, marine granular material transport system, marine slurry transport system, marine air bottle, marine pressure container, vertical oil tank, horizontal oil tank, gasoline vapor recovery device, heat exchanger, heater, still kettle, reaction kettle, vulcanizer, Synthetic tower and so on.The products have been widely involved in the fields of petroleum, chemical, vessel, electric power and steel and batch exported to Europe, South America, East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. Our oil tank products and projects have enjoyed good reputation in East Timor, Pakistan, Sudan, Liberia, Ecuador, Venezuela,Laos,Myanmar, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, Cameroon ans so on.  

Since 2000 the company's long-term commitment to new product oil and gas recovery device research, development, production and improvement, has participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, oil depot of Shanghai World Expo 2010, Guangzhou 2011 Asian Games and other major city of the gas station and oil and gas recovery project, performance throughout the country, has made great achievements, accumulated rich scientific and technological achievements and practical experience, the oil and gas recovery unit was awarded the national electrical explosion-proof inspection center of the production license, company hired perennial domestic environmental protection industry, chemical engineering industry influential experts and professors as technical advisor to the company, and with the CSIC Wuchang shipyard, CSIC Institute, Wuhan University, Shanghai 711 Hubei University, Wuhan Institute of Technology, the group (the original four) research design department 10 tertiary institutions, established long-term cooperation relationship of technical cooperation, and has achieved the leading domestic level with the oil and gas recovery technology.

    At the same time, the company's long-term commitment to research and development of new products three oil exploration ship supporting system, we are the first from the technical research, patent design to independently create three service vessel powder conveying system conveying system and mud two control system of professional manufacturers, the product won the national invention patent certificate and International Classification the inspection certificate issued by the agency, the bulk material conveying control system for more than 20 years is widely used in CNOOC's three work boats, excellent product quality, advanced technology, well run, winning the CNOOC's consistent recognition and praise. The system is mainly controlled equipment and components imported from the United States of America all Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand and Japan's SMC, the whole device used the principle of aerodynamics and PLC computer systems, to realize the conveying a full automatic computer control, driven by compressed air, the gas solid two phase flow technology, realize the powdery medium in platform supply vessels and offshore platforms efficient, lossless transmission, in short, continuous operation of two ships transporting system can realize long-distance, high speed, ensures the continuous operation of long period, full load, the safety of offshore oil exploitation and exploration, made an important contribution to the petroleum industry science and technology development in china.

    At present, in the face of national "1025" planning introduced, the government will be the development of petroleum equipment in oil and gas industry of environmental protection investment billions to new, expansion and renovation, so, new opportunities and encourage investment into the company by the state policy, decided to further shape the brand advantage, to oil and gas recovery equipment, oil ship equipment the petroleum chemical engineering industry, such as core of the whole equipment manufacturing and petroleum engineering contractor for the strategic objectives, the core competence to build petroleum industry equipment R & D and service, to make a contribution for the petroleum exploitation industry science and technology development in China, the company spirit of "integrity and pragmatic, unremitting self-improvement, social commitment, contributing to society" business philosophy, is willing to work together from all walks of life friends together for the country and society tomorrow there will be a more static clean environment and work hard!