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Magnetic liquid level meter
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A, product introduction:

Magnetic liquid level meter, is the magnetic level by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry issued standard HG/T21584-95 manufacturing. The working principle is based on the magnetic float as the measuring element, the magnetic coupling energy driven double color indicating plate turnover for the level of change in the container. The liquid level or level the following instructions for the red, or interface level above instruction is white, very clearly show that the liquid level position. The measured medium are isolated by stainless steel or plastic, so in any case are very safe, reliable, durable. Can be equipped with liquid level alarm switch, the alarm to the liquid level control, limit, or interlocking. Can be equipped with liquid level telemetering transmitter, the output 4~20mA, remote measurement, display and control, liquid level measurement and control is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, electricity, food and other industries in the production process.

Two, product features:

Especially the corrosion type, high pressure, density, viscosity, temperature, easy to crystallization, to be insulated, large range and other special requirements and measurement of its unique advantages and adaptability.

Three, the technical parameters:

1, measurement range: 0-20000mm optional;

2, working pressure: 0~20Mpa;

3, medium density: ≥ 0.45g/cm3;

4, the medium temperature: +500 ℃ -80~;

5, medium density difference: ≥ 0.05g/cm3;

6, the site instruction: accuracy of ± 10mm;

7, material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, steel, pvc.

Four, installation diagram: