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Express our congratulations bid Sinopec Group Company of Hubei oil and gas recovery of gas station renovation project!
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Express enthusiastic congratulation Wuhan Zhongheng bid Hubei Branch of Sinopec gas station oil vapor recovery reconstruction project a number! We will China atmospheric haze governance, make an important contribution to Hubei blue sky and white clouds!
Gas station oil and gas recovery concept:
1, an oil and gas recovery: "unloading oil and gas recovery system" as "the oil tank car unloading oil gas, through the airtight way to gather into the tank car tank system".
Two, 2 oil and gas recovery: the two recycling is the oil and gas recovery equipment by the installation of the oil and gas recovery equipment.
Three, 3 oil gas recovery: due to the recovery process of the two recovery of oil gas volume is often greater than the oil volume (>1), as well as small breathing and other factors causing increased pressure, oil and gas will be emitted through the respiratory valve to prevent pollution, the front end of the breathing valve and oil and gas recovery device, this part of the oil and gas is called the three oil and gas recovery.
In short, on the oil and gas emissions from the gas station, according to the State Environmental Protection Administration of the "gas station air pollutant discharge standard" (GB20952 - 2007) 4.3.4, "the oil and gas emissions of the treatment device should be less than or equal to 25g/m3."