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News: The staff of our company began their journey to Venezuela to construct the oil depot for central power plant.
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       Our company won the bid of design and installation project of oil tanks in Venezuela this April, including 30000m3 oil tanks, 7500m3 oil tanks, 5000m3 oil tanks, 3000m3 oil tanks, 2000m3 oil tanks and so on.The preparing work in the site has finished at present and our staff have set out to Venezuela this month to manage the construction work in the site. It expected that our staff will work hard with the attitude of cautious and conscientious, high aspirations in a down to earth way, devote their heart and soul to the design and installation work in the overseas, make effort to complete this project with high quality and make contributions to the development of power industry in South America and world.

The first group staff to Venezuela took picture in France airport in June 4, 2014.