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News flash Sino US cooperation in the light of "warm" world cooperation tour visit Xi Jinping
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September 22nd, Chinese President Xi Jinping opened his first state visit to the United States since taking office. This visit will be in the history of Sino US relations has an important milestone will not only enhance the bilateral all-round strategic cooperation, but also bring new impetus to the peace and development of the relations between the two countries and the world. Sino US cooperation will benefit the global "golden fruit".

One、China and the United States are vital to the recovery of the global economy

      At present, the world economy is experiencing complex difficult situation, Japan, Europe and other developed countries, the economic recovery is weak, the emerging market growth momentum is slowing down, the global capital market volatility, countries in the future development and growth prospects of confidence. Xi's visit to the president and the leaders of the two countries will explore the current global economic and financial situation, to strengthen their domestic economic policy coordination and communication, to promote the stable growth of the world economy a positive signal, and make concrete efforts. According to statistics, the United States and the United States as the world's first and second economic power, the world economy in 2014 accounted for 35.96% of the world's economic growth contribution rate of 50.5%. The two major economic giant pragmatic cooperation, work together to provide the world with the international economic and financial stability of public goods, will ensure that the world economy in the normal track recovery.

      Two、Promote the development of international economic and financial cooperation

      Relations between China and the United States "ballast" and "propeller" has always been the economic and trade relations, deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation must be the cooperation brigade "grand opera". If both parties to promote the success of the negotiations of a bilateral investment treaty (bit) closer to each other, and has made new progress, this is bound to become China US economic and trade cooperation a new bright spot. It will not only facilitate the substantial growth in bilateral investment, boosting China's economic reform, reversing the long-term Sino US economic imbalance situation, will also for Sino US relations "ballast" overweight, "propeller" refueling. The world economy will also grow from the deep integration of Sino US trade and investment, the new engine".

      In addition, the current infrastructure investment banking in Asia, "along the way" initiative, TPP and adding the renminbi "special drawing rights (SDRs) to a basket of currencies etc. problem, the interests of China and the United States increased collisions, strategic game potential fade. Brookings Institution economist David dollar has pointed out that Asian investment bank, along the way initiative proposed establishing in China and have the infrastructure "hardware" strength. The United States launched the TPP set up higher rules and standards, with the rules of the software, the strength, the United States should cooperate to promote the integration of software and hardware, and promote the development of the Asia Pacific Economic integration. If the leaders of China and the United States have candid communication, they have set up a higher and more ambitious target for bilateral economic and financial cooperation, explore the new mode of mutual benefit and win-win, and not only can open a door to the economic and financial cooperation between China and the United States, but also will light the new hope for future cooperation in the world.

Three、Bringing positive energy to world stability and development

      In the era of post financial crisis, the economic power of China and the United States have changed, the competition is becoming more and more serious, and there is still a huge space for cooperation between the two sides. President Xi this beautiful, will promote cooperation between the two countries to a new level, add a new meaning to the relationship between China and the United states. On the one hand, expand the space for cooperation. The two countries are expected to reach agreement on climate change, network security, infrastructure and other fields, and signed a number of far-reaching cooperation agreement. On the other hand, deepen cooperation in the field. The two countries may carry out cooperation in the Asia Pacific, the full implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement, anti-terrorism law, promote the Korean Peninsula denuclearization, global governance, international peacekeeping, wild animal and plant protection, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and other international and regional affairs to strengthen cooperation. Tsinghua Carnegie global policy center researcher Han Lei believes that cooperation and competition are the two aspects of Sino US relations, to strengthen the construction of cooperation is not only beneficial to both countries, the world will benefit from. Therefore, the Sino US cooperation and mutual benefit, common maintenance and promote world peace, stability and development, will send positive energy to the world, China and the United States "cooperation" will warm the world. (Sun Lipeng, assistant researcher of the Institute of Modern International Relations Research Institute)